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Western Digital's Scorpio Harddisk

Diposting oleh Admin Jumat, 01 Mei 2009

Recently, Western Digital (WD) made 2 types of hard disk 2.5 "and devide them into two version: Scorpio Scorpio Blue and Black.

Version Scorpio Black hard disk is created as 2.5 "hard disk with the desktop equivalent performance, while Scorpio Blue version is a version of a more mainstream public. One of the products with this Western Digital 500GB (WD5000BEVT series), this capacity is the largest capacity hard drive for storage-class 2.5 "at this time.

All the hard drive has a range Scorpio Blue 5400rpm rotation so that theoretically, including its performance in the mainstream category. Compared to hard disk in the same class, specification Scorpio Blue is still a bit behind because of the lower rounds, and the memory buffer that is also small (8MB).

However, the system connection on the Scorpio Blue SATA II has been adopted so that theoretically would be better. Western Digital also embed some useful features to create effective working hard but not noisy, in addition able to protect the head from damage due to the hard impact.

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