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Nokia 2608, Cheap and Fashionable Without Camera

Diposting oleh Admin Jumat, 01 Mei 2009

The presence of the Nokia 2608 mobile phone add-row stylish mobile phone from Nokia for the CDMA market. This phone can not be not included in the display style of this because 2608 looks glamorous and elegant. Moreover, the form factor to its support: folding clam shell alias alias fold.

After that, the accents, colors, and add a final touch of a long list of reasons to include them in mobile phone row style. Unit is received, for example, has a cover with a black lustrous accents of light blue split middle two flipnya. In one of the top spot in the fold, the track is given a touch of self-LED lamp line with: blue.

The dominance of black forwarded to the in-in. This time in the black part in the approach has other doff. However there is still a row in the luminous keypad middle line be bordered with silver as accents.

Screen to display, unfortunately, only provided lot area of 1.8 ". Somehow what reason, but the design is so leaving empty space on the top of the fold that is quite large massif.

Sweet touch is located on the sound produced. Audio clear and complicated, we do not like to make are listening to the limitations of mobile phone speaker, but from a professional audio source. Unfortunately, we will collide with the limited ability to explore this as an audio file, which you can enter in this peranti limited, there is no room for external memory. No file transfer mode to the phone is limited, can only be done through a microUSB cable.

Speaking of microUSB, again this is the type of connection the body back caparison latest Nokia CDMA mobile phone. The connection of Nokia 2608 can also be simultaneously used for charging the battery. Later after the connection of this type is abundant, will feel comfortable. But for now, Nokia 2608 have become one of the pioneering type of cable with the consequences this has not been a lot of other users who have it, so that less free to borrow each other charger.

In the menu which is not too much, there are two prominent menu, the voice recorder and FM radio. Both the existence of sufficient memerkaya speaker quality is tolerable. Are provided by the mini-screen colors and text with sharp, so that the small font setting is not an issue means.

The principle of "basic" which carried this phone makes presume comes without a camera. May be the approach of Nokia 2608 feels awkward, but the wrapper for that and for the main effect on the prices can be cheaper.

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