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Introduce RIM BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0

Diposting oleh Admin Senin, 18 Mei 2009

Introduce RIM BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0. Research In Motion has released a new version of BlackBerry Enterprise Server (SSX) 5.0 for business customers, adding a web-based administration console, and the increased ability for the user when akan Windows file share access from their BlackBerry handset. SSX 5.0 is coming soon this will be integrated with corporate email system based on Lotus Domino, Microsoft Exchange and Novell Groupwise, and to allow the handset to the BlackBerry. SSX 5.0 this will be launched officially in the Wireless Enterprise Symposium in Florida rim.

New features in 5.0 include SSX BlackBerry Administration Service, a component update to admin RIM of using web-based user interface command line. It also added rules make it easier to access the BlackBerry administrator to give the task to the member company's IT department. Engineers will also be given access from this fungs SSX 5.0. SSX 5.0 also adds the ability to send an update, where the admin can publish updates and additional applications are downloaded to BlackBerry users.

RIM also add support for the SSX to standby even in conditions not profitable. A guidance manual easier maintenance in the server. For end users, SSX 5.0 can be used for sharing network Fila Windows, where users can view, edit, and send the document corporate email from their network. Other features such as BlackBerry Enterprise tool transporter, which is designed to transfer accounts from multiple domains to one another. In addition, Google will also make BlackBerry users can access Google applications, with the Google Apps Connector for BlackBerry Enterprise Server, which will be present in the upcoming month of July.

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