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Facebook Friend Lists

Diposting oleh Admin Selasa, 12 Mei 2009

Of course, nearly all Facebook users already know the features Friend Lists. This feature makes it easy for users to split their friends in a different group, select a different privacy settings for each friend. This shows a clear plan for Facebook features and plans to create a Facebook user to remain faithful to use Facebook.

Facebook automatically create Friend Lists to use in order to help users filter their Live Stream. Now have Facebook Chat feature them back from the Friend Lists. Users can also set the list Chat in their group, which is defined from their Friends Lists.

When I open the Chat facility on Facebook the first time since this change, users Facebook Friend Lists are where they want to add in the Chat. Users can share their friend in the sublist to Chat, and everyone can be saved in the list "Other Friends." This new feature also makes it easy friend who has not previously entered into Friend Lists category. Users can also create your own friend list, send a message to the inbox for all of their list, and privacy settings.

Not only the user can make each group a friend, but also features the latest Facebook this can also create a user to appear online or offline to specific friends group. Facebookers now seems more pleased with the changes and the homepage of Facebook Chat this.

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