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Telebit Klein2, All in One Desktop

Diposting oleh Admin Kamis, 21 Mei 2009

The concept of a PC all-in-one it seems the more popular of late. This time the latest PC All-in-one from Telebit called Klein2. Telebit Klein2 this just sold for U.S. $ 365, so more suitable for cafe or office that requires a PC with a brief price.

PC All-in-One PC itself is a supporter of placing the components on the back of a monitor. By doing so, the PC into one concise and economical the place - in accordance with the lifestyle of the present practical at the same time sparing the place. This design may also be used as component parts for notebooks, so that more "cold" and can be mounted behind the monitor.

However, if the PC All-in-One other processor-based Intel Mobile, Telebit Klein2 is slightly different because it uses the processor VIA C7-M Mobile. Elections processor is likely to pursue efficiency in the price, with the consequences of slow performance.

When the product is tested, some testing had revealed the application by default (such as free use Sysmark 2004 and not as usual Sysmark 2007) due to the PC can not be through testing of these classes. To test any video encoding, Telebit Klein2 take up 1.5 hours, which means that the difference of more than 1 hour if the nettop HP Compaq CQ2035D.

However, considering the Telebit Klein2 is not intended for heavyweight applications, we feel it necessary to present the application to test day-to-day. The result is more or less: booting Windows to take 32 seconds, while shutdown about 20 seconds. Although still feels slow, at least, the data shows Telebit Klein2 can be used for standard applications. We also need to mention Telebit Klein2 successful pass burn-in test Sisoft Sandra 2007 for 12 hours, so that stability is not a problem in this PC.

From the facility, showing Klien2 standard. The most disappointing is the absence of a Wi-Fi facilities. Optical device is still a CD-ROM drive. Fortunately facilities available Ethernet port, which has a USB 2.0 port, PS / 2 for mouse and keyboard, and audio in / out. For ease of data transfer, provided the memory card slot for SD, MMC, and MS. Display monitor measuring 14.1 "with resolution of 1280x800 pixels.

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