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Newest Malware More Dangerous than Conficker

Diposting oleh Admin Kamis, 07 Mei 2009

Worm Conficker the blast had 'alarm' security in many countries, may now have fade in popularity along with the growing botnet, viruses, and worms that menginfeksi cyberspace. According to that reported by security vendor McAfee, Tuesday (05 / 5), has cybercriminal hijack the computer for at least 12 million since January with the new malware variants. Distribution of new malware has increased by 50 percent in 2008.

In countries such as U.S., McAfee reports, countries have the infected computer Percentage largest, ie, reaching 18 percent. While still in the same report, China's position under the Percentage of U.S. with 13.4 percent for the most infected PC in the world. "Expansion of large-scale botnet has been providing the infrastructure for cybercriminal to mebanjiri web malware with it." Said Jeff Green, senior vice president of McAfee Labs.

McAfee report is not intended to minimize the danger of worms Conficker, but there are other malware that more dangerous, such as the Vundo Trojan horse, which has been active since three months ago. Botnet technology via Web 2.0 social networking that is now also popularity. While spam is also increasing 70 percent since dimatikannya-spam service provider hosting, McColo in the third quarter 2008.

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