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OpenBSD version 4.5 Released

Diposting oleh Admin Senin, 04 Mei 2009

OpenBSD developers have created a program open source operating system OpenBSD version 4.5. However, before introducing the new system, the developer of OpenBSD is released a 4.5 version of the song tradition as a landmark occurrence of the new operating system. Song title is given the name "Games" with lyrics like "You want to know the truth? / Intel's controlling you / And Microsoft is too / But this is nothing new. "

OpenBSD 4.5 has a driver, security improvements, and support hardware improvisation, including a port-based OpenMoko platform handset ARM. System open source OpenBSD 4.5 also has additional I / O between virtual logical domain in the Sun CoolThreads servers, and CPU ultrasparc IIe that power sparingly.

Update driver OpenBSD 4.5 includes support for SDHC Flash media. While OpenSSH is also updated to version 5.2. OpenBSD 4.5 software will be present in this version of the installer CD with the estimated price $ 50, and for more information on this website can be seen in OpenBSD (www.openbsd.org/45.html # new).

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