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HP Compaq CQ2035D Nettop

Diposting oleh Admin Rabu, 13 Mei 2009

HP Compaq start reaching nettop segments that use the Intel Atom processor. Nettop itself is a mini desktop with a more simple features that take advantage of these processors. As generally nettop circulating at this time, which is the target segment of the computing needs of users with a simpler, both in the home or office.

Using Intel processors Atom330 (dual-core) with a 1.6 GHz clock, HP Compaq CQ2035D's segment that is asserted to be objective. This processor is embedded on the motherboard so that you can not upgrade the processor at any time later. To muffle the temperature is hot, use passive heatsinks on the Northbridge chipset and processor.

The system od HP Compaq CQ2035D is equipped with Intel 945G chipset, with the onboard graphics that support DirectX 9.0 features and Shader Model 2.0. Although not officially support effects in Windows Vista optimally, we found the operating system is running smoothly on the nettop. Moreover, the HP Compaq CQ2035D include Windows Vista Home Basic as the operating system. However, according to us, with the specification of this system, would be better if only been Windows XP.

In addition, the onboard graphics chip Intel GMA950 was not ideal if the application will be used for various classes of games such as popular at this time. This added more RAM to the VGA partly borrowed from main memory, which in turn will reduce the overall system performance. Therefore, the more appropriate if the device is only used primarily for running applications such as Internet, or running various office applications.

Main memory systems provide only one slot (using a RAM with a 1GB DDR2-800). You can do this upgrade RAM to 2GB maximum size. Expansion slots that are available only practical one PCIe x1 slot. On the slot itself, has been a 56Kbps modem media as a pro-Internet. However, we are more like if the slot is used as a Wi-Fi cards with the Wi-Fi. This is because the use of dial-up modem at this time is not too popular again over the availability various broadband connection via mobile network.

This device also provides Multimedia card reader as a media storage and media transfer multimedia files from the camcorder to a digital camera. Support includes Secure Digital card (SD), Multimedia Card (MMC), Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC), Multimedia Card Plus (MMC Plus), xD media (xD), Memory Stick and Memory Stick Pro (MS-Pro).

Uniquely, this does not include nettop power supply that is integrated in the casing. Where power is taken? In fact this nettop use as power adapter. Use this adapter voltage 8.5 volt only. Many of the required voltage components in the nettop ultimately provided by a series of VRD (voltage regulator down) motherboard. If you see positive side, this makes the nettop only require electrical power is relatively small.

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