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BenQ Joybook Lite U101, High Reliability Netbook

Diposting oleh Admin Jumat, 01 Mei 2009

Netbook limited dimensions make this product so hard to develop more features, this is easily seen in the limited input-output connections in the netbook. Nearly all the netbook has limited input-output this so that we show the difficulty of each product, let alone three specification components tweedledum money.

However, some companies try netbook presumably out of the standard grip. If difficult to change the specification of hardware (such as processor, RAM, hard disk, or input-ouput), the increase in resistance, and the view outside (finishing) should be the right step. This is done through besutan netbooknya BenQ, Joybook Lite U101.

Joybook Lite U101 introduced a year ago this last glimpse as the netbook in general, is small and offers input-output is limited. However, BenQ's unique approach to do: made in the screen size 10.1 "berasio 16:9 makes a maximum screen resolution 1024x576 pixels, a little more gepeng, which according to BenQ's more ideal for watching movies. Quite funny also because the netbook does not properly positioned for multimedia spectacle is not it?

To eliminate the effect of weak netbooknya, BenQ U101 order to design a structure such that grin and load up to 50kg. Netbook claimed will not be damaged even though the fall from a height of nearly 1 meter while it is on. Great is not it?

So that the screen and around the keyboard is not scuffed the ball-placed ball from the rubber cushion to withstand the work load at the same time prevent friction with the cover main body netbook. Which is also interesting, the cover / cover icon that appears in the emotional character of IMR coated faceplate so resistant to scratches. This is one netbook designed with the physical reliability.

View from the specification, Joybook Lite U101 is not much different between competitors, such as the use of Intel Atom N270 and DDR2 memory is only 512MB. Limited memory capacity of this test session through 3DMark2006 graphics can not run smoothly. U101 variants LE04 really only use the standard 512MB memory DDR2, but the purchase of this unit will get a free upgrade memory 1GB. Netbook Joybook Lite U101 SIM slot already provides connectivity to the Internet / data modem via internal HSUPA 3.75 G, but a modem's module has not been installed, or is still optional.

In addition to relying on endurance, Joybook Lite U101 has several other advantages. This is for example display with LED backlight to provide a clear view that the quality of the display speed to 8 milliseconds to be more comfortable in the eye. Convenience for users is also increasing owing to the size of the keys in the keyboard up to 90% the size of conventional desktop keyboard - how similar is also done by another manufacturer so that the user does not quickly get tired of typing with the netbook is dimensinya be calculated more narrow.

HC Danny Yao, BenQ Vice President for Asia-Pacific states that the Joybook Lite U101 made with a unique touch to be able to be different than similar products, for the U101 is not solely rely on the hardware specifications that brought. Spur U101 own kitchen using the Intel Atom processor N270, DDR2 1GB memory, 160GB hard drive and connect the facilities and Wireless LAN and Ethernet. Options that also offer a more complete Bluetooth 2.0 connection and modem internal HSUPA 3.75 G. For Indonesia market, Joybook Lite U101 will be available in a choice of operating system with Windows XP Home for $ 579 U.S. or Linux for U.S. $ 479. Models with Linux will have a graphical interface (GUI) of personal interest so easy to use.

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