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Integrating Photosynth Technology with Virtual Earth Mapping

Diposting oleh Admin Selasa, 12 Mei 2009

Microsoft has been integrating Photosynth technology to their Virtual Earth mapping platform. Photosynth can create 3D models by analyzing and unify an object in the image. Integrating Photosynth with Virtual Earth is Microsoft's first effort to find out how that Photosynth can be used in 3D applications commercial. The 3D Model or 'synths', using Microsoft Silverlight technology and can be used in multi-platform. Microsoft originally approved the idea is to help the customer, business and public sector organizations to create a more interactive experience for visitors and clients.

"The integration between Microsoft Photosynth to Virtual Earth this signify an important step to create a business street in the use of Microsoft Photosynth is customer-friendly. With this integration, and the addition of Silverlight API, the Virtual Earth software we will be able to create, sharem, view, and paste the synths to publish with the Microsoft Photosynth site. "Said Jeff Kelisky, general manager mapping and local search Microsoft.
According Kelisky, a combination of both applications are expected to be useful for real estate agents, tourist agencies, hospitals, or other public sector, media and entertainment company. Even Photosynth can also be used for internal business use, such as insurance and claims process.

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