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IBM Launched Server-based Intel Xeon Processor 5500

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IBM launched a four-processor server based Intel Xeon 5500 (normally called Nehalem), the IBM BladeCenter HS22, IBM System x3650 M2 and x3550 M2, and the last is the IBM System x iDataPlex dx360 M2. The four of IBM's server can be trusted to reduce energy costs up to 93 percent.

IBM BladeCenter HS22 comes with a double socket. In addition, BladeCenter HS22 comes with the memory three times more than the previous model. Users of the new member type Blade is also able to achieve a mix ratio of 11 equal 1 when akan memigrasikan from old server to the BladeCenter HS22.

One of the advantages of IBM BladeCenter HS22 is not the point of failure on this server. There are two connectors that are connected to each DC that can create power redundancy. While for the internal storage bay of the server, the ability to offer a hot swap SAS, or SATA solid state option.

Royani Lo (X-System Manager IBM Indonesia), Fetra syahbana (Country Manager of IBM India), and Andrew Spurgeon (Product Marketing Manager IBM Apac)

While IBM System x3650 M2 and x3550 M2 (M2 in the series this means that IBM has entered the second generation) have the same configuration. Distinguish the second IBM server rack is located just on the size, size of 1U with x3550 and x3650 with 2U size. The ability to memory, the second server can be upgraded up to 96GB and to kedepannya can be upgraded up to 128GB.

IBM System x iDataPlex dx360 M2 is a data center that is designed for companies that require high performance, but have limitations on storage space. iDataPlex dx360 M2 also has computing density five times higher than the 1U server rack and has a cooling to 70 percent more efficient by using the feature Rear Door Heat Exchanger.

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