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Mo Hijack Facebook Account?

Diposting oleh Admin Minggu, 10 Mei 2009

A smart home security person from India has been doing. Azim Poonawa alias QuakerDoomer, is the author of FBController. FBController tool is designed to facilitate the user to take control Facebook account, and for that, the user who will use this tool can steal session cookies. FBController this tool can also manage a large number of accounts that have dibajak. This software can analyze FBController Facebook communication in the computer, when the user interacts with the social networking site, and use information, together with the cookie data. According to Poonawala, so, the tool can help to steal user account data Facebook.

While the cookies, can be used by software FBController this to spy network, exploit XSS (cross-site scripting), do social engineering, and via a proxy that opens when incoming cookies. Meanwhile, according to Jeremiah Grossman, chief technology WhiteHat Security, said that the purpose of creation is more FBController tool to control the account for a large number of, not to hijack accouny in Facebook at a time.

"FBController this tool easier to use than using a browser to log in and modify the account one by one. However, the existence of this tool also makes me realize that a large number of Facebook accounts will have the possibility of hackers to penetrate and expand access in their account. "Grossman said.
Meanwhile, according to Barry Schnitt, spokesperson for Facebook said that Facebook is not afraid of the tool. "We have a system pendeteksi account phishing or bogus in many point, such as the login point interruption point, point of spam, and so forth. Multi account is in one action, at the same time as this tool, will make detection easier. "Schmitt added.

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