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Kindle DX, Bigger Screen, Bigger Capacity

Diposting oleh Admin Kamis, 07 Mei 2009

After success with the Kindle 2, Amazon.com again the innovation to do with removing the second-generation Kindle, the Kindle DX. Kindle is a platform software and hardware used for reading electronic books (e-book) that was developed by Amazon.com. Until now Amazon has spent three products Kindle, the Kindle, Kindle, and Kindle 2 DX.

With Kindle DX, Amazon proved that the market for portable e-book remains large. With the feature to display newspapers, magazines, textbooks, to novels, making this tool a must tool for people who are happy to travel and still want to read anywhere.

Kindle DX comes with a screen larger than preceding, that is 9.7 inches (Kindle 2 have 6 inches of the screen). Interestingly, Kindle DX is equipped with a feature-Auto Rotating Screen that can make the display screen changes according to the direction you rotate the screen. Whether in the form of portrait to landscape (as well as vice versa). Featured Auto-Rotating Screen can also be found in the smart phone output Apple, iPhone.

Capacity provided to Kindle DX is big enough, that is 4 GB. This capacity is about the book can save as much as 3500 units. However, unfortunately, Amazon does not add a slot for memory expansion Kindle DX. For the battery resistance, DX Kindle already comes with a rechargeable battery when fully charged can stand up to 2 weeks. Kindle DX is also equipped with a 3G network that allows users to access the Internet anywhere. Amazon also added a feature Native PDF. With the feature, you can read all PDF documents.

Kindle DX soon will face competition from News Corp.., Plastic Logic, Sony and San Francisco Chronicle. Those companies are planning to make e-reader. Kindle also have to face the challenges from the smart phone, such as Blackberry or iPhone, which offers the same feature can access the website and newspapers and magazines for free.

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