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Apple Preparing 3G MacBook

Diposting oleh Admin Rabu, 06 Mei 2009

Apple has plans to add 3G broadband wireless capabilities for all or part of Apple laptops, including tablet PC for the Mac. According to Computerworld, Apple to open cooperation with the Communications QA Engineer. Position is requested and technology depth of the Comm, including Gigabit Ethernet for the consumer and workstation-class enterprise, Bluetooth v2.0, 3G Wireless WAN, and Wi-Fi [802.11] a / b / g / n.

Then try to emphasize about the Apple 3G Wireless WAN connection, which had previously been applied in the iPod and iPhone, but for this time comms Software QA team will work with Mac Hardware Group, with the task to test and ensure the quality of the product for Apple CPUs, aka Apple computer Mac. Apple acknowledges the possibility QA Engineer to ensure third-party card 3G working in ExpressCard/34 slot of MacBook Pro.

According to CNET, some years ago predicted the notebook with the chip can be connected with mobile networks, will become the major mobile computing, but the concept of establishment has not been clearly defined, whether with the same path will Wi-Fi in the notebook. However, Apple has been considering creating a work together with the MacBook 3G AT & T cellular network provider, such as carrier in the iPhone. However, according to Apple Mac Hardware Group, the latest MacBook with 3G access will be prepared in the mid of this year.

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