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Incredible, The Facebook Marketing Genius Way

Diposting oleh Admin Kamis, 26 November 2009 0 komentar

Talking about the many popular brands using social media as a mechanism to deal directly with consumers, then this is then used by IKEA. Swedish furniture company has recently opened store in Malmo, Sweden, and will spread the news around the world in new ways, ie directly to Facebook users.

A profile account has been created to store the store manager Malmo, Gordon Gustavsson. During the period of 2 weeks, showroom image has been uploaded to the Facebook photo album Gustavsson. By using the popular feature 'tagging', the consumer can allocate the items in the picture and give their names in the item. The first person to object tag items with their names, then they can take him home.

The spread will be done via Facebook and users use the link and the image of the profile, and can provide news feeds. That way, according to IKEA, the more people who can help promote the Malmo store. In fact, many people are interested in Sweden and asked for IKEA to post many pictures couch, bed or a vase, so they can download the image tag.