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Finally, the iPhone OS 3.1 Has Jailbreak

Diposting oleh Admin Senin, 05 Oktober 2009 0 komentar

If you might want to upgrade the iPhone OS 3GS or second-generation iPod Touch to iPhone OS 3.1 because there is no solution to unlock the iPhone, it now has a creator PwnageTool version 3.1.3 software unlock. to unlock the iPhone OS 3.1. IPhone unlock tool is also compatible with 3GS iPhone or 2G iPod Touch so it can directly upgrade to iPhone OS 3.1 without having to wait for the iPhone that have been packaged with iPhone OS 3.1 from the vendor.

If users have upgraded to iPhone OS 3.1, but then wants to downgrade, then this unlock tool will not work anymore, because the update of the iPhone OS 3.1 will have to change the basis of the device, which when in-downgrade will not work. Downgrade will be successful in the 2G iPod Touch is no pre-install the OS 3.1.

To unlock this tool is already dealt with the release of Apple's iPhone operating system OS 3.1 which claims difficult to crack.