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Waiting for Windows 7 in Mid August

Diposting oleh Admin Kamis, 14 Mei 2009

Microsoft divulge more prepare to welcome the launch of newest operating system Windows 7. Appropriate information from one of the developers team blog says the Windows version RTM (release to market) which is the final version is produced for mid-August.

"We hope to complete the three-monthly in RTM," write Brandon LeBlanc, a member of the Windows 7 team blog. However, he stressed that even the RTM version of the settlement will not be done in a hurry to ensure quality.

It is well-founded because when Windows Vista was released many of the problems that consumers found. The biggest problem, especially the hardware specs, drivers, applications that do not support, and disrupt the security alert.

The presence of Microsoft Windows 7 may be expected to overcome the problems faced in Windows Vista. Even Windows XP can do that smooth migration for Windows 7 features XP Mode so that the application that way in XP is also the way in Windows 7.

Previously made, ensure that Microsoft Windows 7 will be available in the market at year-end holidays. One of the partners original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Acer has announced akan even sell notebooks with the Windows 7 start in October.

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