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Google Create New Variant Technical CAPTCHA

Diposting oleh Admin Kamis, 23 April 2009

Google's researchers have been thinking to create a new CAPTCHA system, which uses a random series of images with different rotation directions, a visitor to distinguish between human or automated script. Technique is introduced more detail in the paper titled What's Up CAPTCHA?.

CAPTCHA paper contains a regular user when signing up for an account to access a site or run a website with some other image that is identical, but have a different, ie, some of them have a position or to the side of the upside. To gain access to the account or make a comment posting, user must click on the image of success with the right side.

"The advantage of the CAPTCHA technique that we've created far from the traditional technique text recognition, where this new technique has a language independent, does not ask for text input, such as in mobile devices, and use another domain for CAPTCHA generation, the use of ordinary characters. CAPTCHA This will provide rapid implementation and supply the image is not limited. "As mentioned in the paper.

While researchers Rich Gossweiler, Maryam Kamvar and Shumeet Baluja, said that the image orientation is something that is easy for humans, but it is quite difficult for a computer. In fact, if a script capable of guessing, there is still one of the other 22 the opportunity to take pictures in the right.

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