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GE Holographic Storage, Up to 500GB

Diposting oleh Admin Selasa, 28 April 2009

On Monday (27/4), GE have been demonstrating a material the micro-holographic storage that can store up to 500GB of data on a DVD sized disc. Micro-holographic technology developed by GE Global Research, a branch of technology from General Electric Co., What is different from the other optical storage such as Blu-ray and DVD, which storing data only on the surface of the disc.

Holographic storage will save the entire disk, in the multi-layer, and will increase storage density. As a result, one disc can store up to 500GB of data. GE also add that the capacity of 500GB in the same case with 20 single layer Blu-ray disc or a set of 100 DVDs. Because the hardware technology and format is the same as the holographic optical storage technology, the player added that GE micro-holographic will read compatible with CD, DVD, and Blu-ray disc player as well.

GE revealed that the technology will be bringing holographic storage to market commercial industry, and will be followed by products intended for consumer markets. "Because the micro-holographic disc from GE can be read or played using the same optic, which is in the Blu-ray player, the technology we will have an effective price, resistance and rock is a holographic drive that can be relied on to be used in each home. Users can save the entire collection of movies in one disc and have support with high beresolusi format, such as 3D television. "Says Brian Lawrence, the leader of GE program Holographic Storage.

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