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BlackBerry Storm 2, Full Touchscreen

Diposting oleh Admin Selasa, 14 April 2009

RIM (Research In Motion) has created the next generation of the BlackBerry Storm will be present with the touchscreen features, with the hope to reduce public complaints over its previous edition BlackBerry Storm. According to the manager's BlackBerry sales in the Netherlands, Alain Segond von Banchet, many new features that the BlackBerry Storm 2, including Google's translations are better.

According to RIM, BlackBerry Storm 2 is not the final name of the new BlackBerry devices later. Von Banchet add, that the latest BlackBerry smartphone devices will use the new screen, so that feels easy to type characters on the screen. As is known, the first BlackBerry that has been making good progress, but some users and observers complain a little because there is no touchscreen, and also features Wi-Fi, which is estimated to be added on the BlackBerry Storm this second edition.

The Rim will be the BlackBerry Storm 2 at the end of this year or early in the year 2010, and there is no indication where the carrier will bring the sale of this device.

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