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About Netbook

Diposting oleh Admin Kamis, 23 April 2009

Netbook laptop is a very small size, light weight, and energy efficient. Netbook is usually used for Internet services such as web browsing, email, and IM (Instant Messaging). Netbook is suitable for the use of Office and educational software, although the netbook does not have a composition that is higher than even these PC subnotebook.

Netbook concept comes from the subnotebook, which was introduced by Psion in 1999, and re-introduced by Intel in the first quarter in 2008, certainly after the launch of the Association OLPC laptop (Lapop One Per Child). Form netbook is smaller than notebooks, and more lightweight. There is a weight 2 to 3lbs or about 1kg.

Features that are usually in the netbook diagonal screen size is small, usually around 7 inch to 10 inch, wireless connection, but do not have the optical disc drive, keyboard and a smaller size is usually 80 to 95 percent of normal size. In addition, the netbook is also usually use SSD (Solid State Drives) than traditional hard disk.

Netbook on the operating system generally has a pre-installed, both versions of GNU or Linux or Windows XP Home Edition. Netbook able to run full applications for office, even though this user is now more often put the applications and services directly on the Internet, or with the so-called cloud computing, because it only requires a bit of hardware.

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