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Automatic Backup with Replica Seagate 500GB

Diposting oleh Admin Rabu, 29 April 2009

Seagate has launched a personal hard drive that automatically backup data via USB. Seagate Replica, designed for home and office, and automatically brings the mirror or duplicate the full hard disk, including all applications, operating system, and all other data. Replica Seagate has two USB cables, one for power and other devices to transfer data. Once the device is connected to a PC, it will automatically backup data without user interaction.

Seagate hard drive hardware Replica comes in two configurations. The first, Replica 250GB on sale with prices around $ 130, is designed to backup a PC. While Replica 500GB for sale for $ 200, and have the Dock can be used to backup multiple PCs. Replica Seagate hard drive this really will make a copy of the contents of an PC. If the disk is broken or error, the user can install a copy-back from Replica to a new hard drive.

The process of backup hardware to drive Seagate Replica akan lasted more or less within 40 minutes, depending on the number of junk files on your PC. However, after the Replica will be back again automatically and quickly, as soon as a change or addition of files by users. A lack of system Seagate Replica This is not a user can drag and drop the selected files directly to Seagate Replica.

To do so, the user must make a copy of a Windows PC. Seagate hard drive to feature this Replica can only backup data on Windows systems, not the Mac, which also features the Time Machine backup software.

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