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Seagate Black Armor Can Save 4 disk

Diposting oleh Admin Senin, 29 Juni 2009

Seagate has introduced the latest storage products in the UK, including Nas (Network-Attached Storage) for the small business, and backup devices that are designed to make it easier to protect user data between multiple PC in their home. Will present immediately, Seagate Black Armor can save 4 disk that can be configured in several ways. Black Armor Hardware Seagate also has backup software for Windows based PC.

In addition to Black Armor Seagate, Seagate also been Replica, a compact external hard drive that can backup one or more of the PC at home with mengkoneksikan to any computer via the USB port computer. BlackArmor has 8TB capacity (terabajti) storage in each unit to its drive, 2 connections and 1 Gbit Ethernet/s. This device also can be moved or removed. 4 USB ports can also be used for external drives, printers, and power supply are connected with this device.

BlackArmor, this can be configured for disk array RAID level 0, 1, 5, or 10 but can also be flexible. BlackArmor hardware is compatible with Microsoft Active Directory, and data is accessed remotely via the Internet using services Seagate Global Access. Seagate also supply backup software with a license to 10 users per unit, plus metal storage SafetyDrill + to handle the damage in the PC. One Black Armor sold for $ 1.118 for the 420 model with 2 Nas capacity 1TB drives, and $ 1,645 for the 440 model with 4 Nas 1TB drive.

Meanwhile, for Replica akan provides automatic backup facilities to home workers or non-technical user. Replica comes to one and multi-PC, with a capacity of 250GB and 500GB. Replica will be sold for $ 163 for the 250GB in a single PC and 4245 for multi-PC.

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