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Asus N20A, Smart and Compact

Diposting oleh Admin Kamis, 11 Juni 2009

Asus N Series is designed with vertical figured that cover resistant to scratches. No need to worry if notebook casing will abrasioned caused scratched or other objects.

Effect of the notebook as a smart style at a time care is seen in N20A. Port chain that has HDMI and eSATA connection is not clear which facilities easily found in the notebook in general. Facilities for fingerprint identification of the effect of adding this as a notebook product concerned on the security.

In addition, there are also additional features available SmartLogon. With this facility, 1.3 megapixel Webcam that is available is used to identify the face as the "key" to enter the system (this feature is commonly used start on many notebook).

However, without seeing the series of feature in the top of the area, prospective buyers should have stuck through the physical display this notebook. N20A beautiful glossy material blessings on the cover and inside panel sekujur. Good, gentleness casing is not slippery when making be. Button to its touchpad also appear in the model that impressed metalik exclusive.

The only one that makes this notebook look less interesting is the existence of a 7800mAh battery with a size too wide so that the swell out the body of notebook. So perhaps a bit strange this notebook carried with the 9 cell battery. If you do not like, please purchase a battery with lower capacity but more fit in the notebook casing.

One of the benefits of the facilities there N20A Express Gate, where the operating system will make a special boot in about 8 seconds. After that you can browse directly to the Internet, play music, play games online, process images, and also communicate via Skype. How fast is certainly preferred that they need quickly without a multimedia-ber should be involved more with the first operating system.

For this specification memuluskan activities that are ready N20A carried through the 2.5 GHz T9400 processor, 4GB of memory, and the roomy 320GB hard drive. Third component is the main benefits of N20A.

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