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Nokia N78, Multimedia Phone

Diposting oleh Admin Rabu, 10 Juni 2009

First introduced at GSMA 2008, the Nokia N78 mobile phone that has a focus on multimedia, supporting 3.2 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optic lens, and the ability to record video in the quality of video call VGA camera, MP3 player and FM transmitter that allows the user to listen to FM radio . Nokia N78 mobile phone has a design that is almost the same as the Nokia N82, which is the candybar, but more slim and lightweight with dimensions of 4.4 inch high, 1.9 inch wide and 0.6 inch thick, and weights 3.6 oz. Nokia N78 handset with the approximate $ 466 price is also fit in the pants pocket and held comfortably in the hand. Nokia N78 mobile phone is present in the Pearl White color, cocoa brown and blue Lagoon in a palette of black.

Nokia N78 phone Advantages: Has features 3.2 megapixel camera, integrated GPS for navigation and geotagging capabilities, 3G support, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Disadvantages: Handphone Nokia N78 does not have the best call quality of the video image or a good production, and the price is quite expensive.

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