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iPhone 3G, The Next Apple Generation

Diposting oleh Admin Kamis, 11 Juni 2009

Yes, the Steve Job as CEO of Apple Inc, in which the WWDC conference few days ago had reveal `The Next Generation of` Iphone as a new product.

WWDC known as or better known as the WorldWide Developer Conference is held every year by Apple are very dinanti-looking by Apple Fanatic, because usually there will be Apple's new products introduced in the conference event.

For this year's Apple Inc introduced the Iphone 3G and reveal a little secret about their latest OS that Snow Leopard 10.6. What does distinguish the Iphone 3G or better known as the Iphone Iphone with version 2.0 version 1.0?
  1. The price of a cheaper preceding. 8GB only $ 199 and 16GB U.S. $ 299
  2. Already support 3G, which provide speeds in access of data.
  3. More durable battery.
  4. GPS Support
  5. MobileMe software that allows you to do push e-mail, contact, calendar and be able to access your image collections separately, but you have to pay U.S. $ 99 to be able to use this facility.
  6. Support various kinds of software such as:
  • Loopt: free software that integrate social networking with the map, so your friend can see where you are.
  • Associated Press news: gartis software that allows you to read the latest news, depending on where you are.
  • S eBay Auction: Software that allows you to monitor your items on auction website eBay.
  • Games such as Sega `s super monkey ball, Digital Legends Entertainment` s Kroll, Enigmo, Cro-Mag Rally, and many more.
Unfortunately, Indonesia is not included in the list of 22 countries that will be released this Handphone on 11 July next.

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