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Advan G2T-64S with Core 2 Duo Processor

Diposting oleh Admin Minggu, 23 Agustus 2009

Following the trend of a smooth glossy casing smoothly on today's notebooks, Advan-64S appears G2T no less slippery coating although this luxury more on its cover alone. In essence, Advan want G2T-62 is a lightweight notebook that is not less stylish but still affordable your pocket. Yes, among other similar notebooks from Advan this model is quite the most economical, suitable for you who are seeking to put forward their notebook plus the price of performance factors.

However Advan exaggerating G2T-64S design he calls it an elegant and stylish. The more valid claim on the outside of it. Once we look at / open the interior, the luxurious image vanished.

Screen 12.1 "which is using DCS technology (Digital Crystal Screen) which makes it looks sharp. But his appearance was less balanced with the keyboard and touchpad view. The input is very casual look, let alone the keys and touchpad buttons are not too soft pressed aka uncomfortable.

In terms of completeness, G2T Advan-64S is sufficient as a standard feature notebooks. The addition of an HDMI port and touch multimedia shortcut to a good value. However, some shortcomings still arise, such as a USB port that only about two to the location away from each other. This obviously makes it difficult to connect a variety of gadgets support.

1.3 megapixel webcam that claimed a good sensor is less sharp in fact catch the object in front of the notebook. This series also includes a Bluetooth connection yet, although the key to this feature has been provided. Presumably, the low price make this notebook was cut a few features that sometimes less is required.

Although "less primp", Advan G2T-class processors carry 64S "bad" ie, Core 2 Duo T6400 2 GHz with 800MHz FSB. The processor on the T5750 level with the same clock on their previous series, G2T-75 (but with a lower FSB of 667MHz). Another broadcaster considered component standards, such as 1 GB of DDR2 memory and 160GB hard drive. For graphics, the notebook Intel chips rely X4500 prevalent in today's mainstream notebooks.

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