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Hyper-Sensitive Logitech Mouse MX Anywhere

Diposting oleh Admin Kamis, 20 Agustus 2009

If you have been using the laser mouse, it will appear difficult to use them on a flat surface when there is no mouse pad. After a few minutes later, the consumer will use the book or magazine to stop the action of the mouse cursor jump around to the entire screen.

However, since Wednesday (18/08) and, Logitech has launched two new mouse that can work on any surface. Both the mouse is called Performance Mouse MX and regular sized Logitech Mouse MX Anywhere a more portable, which both use the hyper-sensitive technology Darkfield Laser. With this technology, the promising second Logitech mouse can work in many types of tables and glass surface, granite and wood.

The reason for the computer mouse does not run well on the surface without a mouse pad that is because most laser mouse requires a flat surface, with a rough surface for the spot that want to be appointed. Imperfection is to use the mouse as a reference point to find where the pointer will appear on the screen. While technology Darkfield, according to Logitech, is able to detect particles microkospik and a few scratches the surface as a reference point for making a device that accurately than regular laser mouse.

Hardware Performance Mouse mouse Logitech MX sold at prices around $ 100, with 4 features for thumb control, and equipped with a micro-USB charger. While the mouse Anywhere Mouse MX sold with price $ 80. Both the mouse is a wireless mouse and scrolling features the dual-mode with the hyper-fast scroll and regular. Mouse Logitech MX Performance Mouse and Mouse Logitech MX Anywhere with Darkfield technology can work with both at the surface of the glass with 0:15 inch thickness They also work with the Logitech Unifying receiver, a small USB device that can be connected to 5 computers in the wireless device.
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