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Sony Daily Reader Edition

Diposting oleh Admin Rabu, 26 Agustus 2009

Sony prepares an e-book reader with the latest 3G wireless capabilities. E-book reader is called Reader Daily Edition which offers 3G wireless connectivity, so users can access the online bookstore Sony. E-reader device Daily Reader Edition is supported by 7-inch touchscreen display, which can display the content in the form of portrait and landscape. Daily Edition Reader by Sony will sell the range of U.S. $ 399 and will be released in December in the United States. While wireless service devices will be supported by AT & T with no additional charge to consumers.

Daily Edition Device Reader is after the launch of the e-reader Touch Edition PRS-600 (U.S. $ 299) and the Pocket Edition PRS-300 (U.S. $ 199), which will appear in the next few weeks. Daily Edition Reader specifications similar to Touch Screen Edition with E Ink electronic paper Vizplex with 16 gray. Sony also makes eBook Library 3.0 software for Windows and Mac, which can be used to delete files or Epub PDF content which has been bought from the computer to the Reader Daily Edition.

Daily Edition Sony Reader is able to access public domain Google Books, plus a free rental from the library, making the e-reader Sony free content is richer than the Amazon Kindle. Amazon Kindle $ 100 cheaper than the Sony Reader, while not having wireless. In fact, Kindle also does not have touchscreen features such as the one in the Sony Reader Daily Edition.

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