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RedHat Enterprise Linux 5.3

Diposting oleh Admin Jumat, 27 Maret 2009

RedHat, on last January has been released the fourth Enterprise Linux commercial distribution, RHEL 5.3. RHEL 5.3 has 150 improvised feature made in Fedora, as a project sponsor that makes the development of RHEL. RedHat uses Fedora as the foundation for RHEL. RHEL 5.3 has support with the processor Intel "Nehalem" Core i7, which is released in November ago, which is implemented in 45 nanometer process. RHEL 5.3 has a microarsitektur and interconnection QuickPath called Opteron, which will be stored on the server at the end of March.

RHEL 5.3 does not only run on Intel processor chip, but also with the Xeon chip, the variations of Nehalemn to the server that beasr with eight cores, plus two in each virtual core. In four-socket system, an operating system and application dipaketkan in one motherboard with DDR3 main memory. RedHat party when using the chip with four-core Nehalem desktop version of RHEL 5.3 so this will show best performance of the Core i7.

RHEL5.3 equipped with OpenJK, an implementation of Java SE 6 development kit and runtime for Java. This means that RHEL 5.3 will have the same code such as jdk from Sun Microsystems. OpenJDK in RHEL 5.3 also support this with the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform. RHEL 5.3 also support the Global File System 2, available in RHEL 5.2. There are features of Linux Unified Key Setup (luks) that support disk drive with encryption, as well as iSCSI boot can make the operating system booting from a disk connected to the iSCSI link.

Technology in eCryptfs including RHEL 5.3, the file system cryptography, and Stateless Linux, Linux for replication, and the preview for the GNU GCC 4.3 compiler set (C, C + +, and Fortran). Customers who want to update RHEL does not charge, since RedHat does not determine the cost to upgrade to RHEL 5.3 is.

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