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About ISP (Internet Service Provider)

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ISP is an acronym of Internet Service Provider. You need to have an ISP to connect to the Internet. When choosing Internet service provider, then you must take into account the needs, equipment, and budget, especially regarding the payment per month for Internet services. ISP present at the beginning of 1960. United States Defense Department, or more precisely the company Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) has established the first Internet, that is, the ARPAnet in 1966.

The first time, the network has several Internet ARPAnet node at the University of California at Los Angeles and Stanford University. In 1989, Tim Berners-Lee is the first time showing the World Wide Web. He wrote the first web server, as a program that can be used as a web browser and an editor. Internet is a global computer network, while the World Wide Web (WWW) using HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol) as a method to share information on the Internet. WWW is the other method with SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and Internet Relay Chat (IRC). While examples of the first Internet service provider CompuServe is and PSINet.

There are four basic types of Internet services. Dial-up, ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network), Digital Subscriber line (DSL) and cable. Mode Dial-up service is the most with the slow download speed limitation of 56Kbps (Kilobit per second). While ISDN offers speed 64Kbps, DSL service is the next fastest with a speed of 128Kbps download. For cable tinngi have more speed to 30Mbps over.

Unlike dial-up connections, DSL and cable connections more open over time and making it easily attacked by viruses and hackers, so that antivirus software should be fixed in the update routine. In addition, older computer with a slow processor and memory capacity of a little connection to the Internet faster, it will make the connection slower.

DSL connection has the same price or less than dial-up. You can also use the phone and surf the web in the DSL at the same time, while in the dial-up, you had to disconnect Internet-akan when using the phone. If you download or upload large files, or watch streaming video or spend a long time to surf the web, then the DSL connection is not enough to do so. Therefore, the need to use a connection via cable to increase speed.

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