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Waterproof 16 GB SDCard from Kingmax

Diposting oleh Admin Minggu, 12 Juli 2009

Kingmax, a manufacturer and supplier DRAM and flash memory products, has announced the SDCard waterproof with a capacity of 16GB. According to the patented PIP technology, Kingmax, SDCard this new waterproof and dustproof, also can be run in extreme conditions.

PIP Technology Kingmax which has been developed through testing and receive a certificate waterproof IPX7 (waterproof is the same as the JIS level 7) of the SGS. In addition, Kingmax claims that the technology is unique akan SDCard secure from piracy.

Furthermore, it has SDCard features ECC (Error Correcting Code) to detect errors and improve transfer mechanisms and support CPRM (Contents Protection for Recordable Media) to ensure that the license can be duplicated with the content secure. Waterproof SDCard Kingmax also supports RoHS, halogen-free and PFOS / PFOA. Sdcard will present with a capacity of 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB, and a lifetime warranty. 2GB capacity for SDCard de price sold about $ 28.

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