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Apple Preparing Netbook Tablet

Diposting oleh Admin Selasa, 14 Juli 2009

After the netbook, Apple are now preparing a netbook tablet device will be released at the end of this year. According to the report from Taiwanese news site, InfoTimes, Apple has booked some of the components to a local hardware vendor. Report has been described as a new device between traditional netbook and that Apple had offered touchscreen iPhone and iPod Touch. Device according to this Apple akan features the 9.7 inch touchscreen and functions of devices such as tablet PC touchscreen.

According to Apple, netbook tablet device will be launched in October and sold for $ 800. Report also made that the next hardware devices tablet netbook will use assets from the company's acquisition of chip company, PA Semi, which dibelinya in the year 2008 yesterday. Apple to buy their own company in order for the development of chip design in-house products such as iPhone.

Other news is Apple will create a joint development model tablet netbook and after the acquisition is. However, Apple still berkutat comparison with a higher price than other companies, of course after the focus of quality products for sale.

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