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Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7

Diposting oleh Admin Senin, 01 Juni 2009

Microsoft has announced the Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7. During development of Windows 7, Windows 7 team has been working with Microsoft Surface team for making all the multitouch features. In Windows 7 team blog this week has announced Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7, a package containing 6 casual game with optimization multitouch Microsoft Surface and applications for Windows 7, which are designed to show the ability of Windows Touch.

Breakdown of the applications in Microsoft Touchpack for Windows 7 is:
  • Globe Microsoft Surface: multitouch application for navigation using 3D models, such as building in some city, get local information, and mark the location of your favorites. For more information, users can check to Virtual Earth, an Evangelist blog (blogs.msdn.com / virtualearth).
  • College Microsoft Surface: multitouch use to manage and make resize digital photos and make a background image.
  • Lagoon Microsoft Surface: multitouch use to interact with the screensaver that can make the water environment and fish.
  • Microsoft Blackboard: using multitouch game to solve the puzzle by creating a balloon, bubble lights, toys teeter, roada teeth, and so forth
  • Microsoft rebound: to encourage the use multitouch into a ball
  • 'Electric field', such as hockey or water and destroy the opponent, either the computer or friend
  • Microsoft Pond Garden: multitouch use to create water movement in the arts flourish, or water in the pond.
Meanwhile, when Windows 7 software applied in the PC, then Windows 7 will notify the user if the PC has with multitouch support. Microsoft said that Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7 will be present for the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and forming the pre-installed for each application at the top.

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